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For John Darling and Erik Johnson, it’s the difference between a house and a home.   This collaborative team, with more than fifty years of living and working on Long Beach Island between them, understands just how important that distinction is.


John and Erik use an integrated open floor plan to create family spaces:  kitchens and eating areas large enough for all the cousins to cook together, expansive decks from which to watch the Fourth of July fireworks, living areas with oversized windows and breathtaking views, and charming screened-in porches perfect for napping on a lazy summer day.


JOHNSON DARLING HOMES is proud to have built more than 350 houses from Barnegat Light to Holgate, and they stand behind each one.


This house of yours?  It’s more than that to John and Erik – it’s a scrapbook of sorts, where your family memories will be forged for generations.  And when that happens, that’s when they know they’ve done it right.

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